Friday, 6 July 2012

Ang sabaw ng bawat pilipino

a brief histroy...
Batangas is one of the many provinces of the Philippines. Its name originated from the word ‘batang’, which is a term the locals used for the abundant logs found in the Calumpang River, which runs through the province.

Batangas was made famous by its many notable nationalists who descended from the province and who led the revolt against the Spanish during their over 300 years of occupation. Many of the old homes of the famous nationalists are preserved into historical places as a legacy of our history and a reminder of the era where many brave BatangeƱos (people who hail from Batangas) fought and died for our country.

Every summer we have a little get together with our Tita's, Tito's and my cousins in my lola's place in Puting Buhangin San Juan Lipa Batangas.
My lola's house is very old and its built in a wood, with antiques inside, the ever famous sliding wooden windows that are made of capiz shells and lastly her kitchens, she has 2 kitchens, one is inside (not usually using it) using a gas stove and the other one is outside of the house (she use it most if the time) using wood for fire.

And now she cooks Bulalo for the whole clan using wood for fire. She will boil a water then will drop the beef bone marrow for seconds to clean the meat and move to another water for further cooking. I asked dad about my lola's recipe and how she cooks it, he said that its just a typical bulalo recipe with different cooking procedures. My lola's bulalo is simply the best i have tasted but that was a long time ago :(

Lets go places...
One of my favorite restaurant in Batangas is The Rose and Grace Restaurant they have the best bulalo soup so far. Whenever we go batangas for a visit, my family and I stops over to eat Rose and Grace' bulalo.

I've also ate and taste leslie's bulalo in tagaytay, it taste good too but are they using broth? It taste like they are using it. Typical.

Carmen says: April 11, 2012
Bulalo! Love it. I’ve try this when we got there in Tagaytay. That is the most delish food I’ve ever tried. Hope I could visit the place again.

Rye says: May 4, 2012
I just came from Tagaytay and tried the Bulalo at Leslie’s. Hindi nakapalayok yung sa Leslie’s eh.

Kennedy Geronimo Estilong says: July 21, 2012

I cannot see the point that it is more expensive than Josephine's considering the fact that since its an open resto flies is everywhere not to mention the lousy waiters who just keep on chatting and not alert on diners need. Bulalo is just good nothing special considering it cost 595 per bowl and please the rice I just don't know if they are using nfa rice. Value for money is not part of Leslie's book.